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About Me

Hi. My name is Bunim Weinbaum  and I have been teaching adults to read Hebrew for over 40 years.

I can get you to read in 6-8 sessions. The speed will depend on how much you practice!  

I must make clear, I teach reading in Ashkenazi or Sefardi pronunciation, as a springboard to finding your way in Shul (synagogue).

I am not an Ivrit teacher.


Please be in touch so you can zoom ahead!

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Learn to read Hebrew in just 6 lessons!

My Method

I use Lamdeni as my textbook as it teaches reading naming all the letters and vowels and how they combine together.

This is the time-honoured traditional way to learn to read.


Lamdeni was formulated for children with pictures and aide-memoirs for remembering the names and sounds. It works equally well for adults.


Lamdeni is available from most Jewish book shops in the UK or on Amazon.

In America, it can be purchased through Judaica World, New York or again, through Amazon.

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